Residential Complex «Avalon Zelena Street»

69.7 m² / Lviv / 2020
Everyone has their own attitude to the classics. Someone considers it to be eternal, for someone it is about grandmother's youth, and someone does really like to implement it into modern lifestyle. A separate subspecies of the classics - American. Universal thing! Definitely, this style is the most beneficial as for a large villa, and for a small apartment either.


There is nothing super new, super heavy and extraordinary. Everything is simple, clear, neat
Tile with imitation wood in the kitchen-living room and corridor for the heated floor, parquet board for the bedroom and small room and accent blue colors for a satisfied resident!
A special request from the customer was to combine 2 separate bathrooms into the one - spacious and capacious bathroom, that can fit everything and even more! Enjoy watching

Project Visualization

In Progress